VIDEO: Road-Side Snatch Thief Caught In The Act In Taiping

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VIDEO: Road-Side Snatch Thief Caught In The Act In Taiping

Yet another road-side snatch thief has been caught in the act by a driver and his dash-cam, this time in Taiping, yesterday (July 1st, 2015). This video was first spotted on the Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign FB page.

An elderly lady, walking along a street with a child alongside her is tailed by the thief for a few moments, who then notices an opportunity, and strikes.

As he sprints way, a gentleman driving behind captures the whole event on his dash-cam, and attempts to pursue the thief, who then makes off into an alley where the car cannot follow.

This is yet another reminder of the types of crimes Malaysians face when on the road, be it in a car, or simply walking along a street.

Please be careful, folks.

Harrowing snatch theft incident

Harrowing snatch theft incident for an elderly ladyIncident 1st July 2015, Time : 4:18pmLocation : In front of KFC in Taiping. Snatch theft incident happened on Wednesday evening (1st July 2015) around 4:18pm where an elderly lady became a victim of a snatch thief. The thief in red t-shirt, approached the elderly lady from the back walking briskly towards her and snatch something from her hand and ran into the alley. The person who recorded the incident gave a quick chase but was unable to pursue the thief as he was blocked by a white car and a motorcycle on both side of the lane.

Posted by Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign on Wednesday, 1 July 2015


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