VIDEO: Scary Crash Escape Could Have Ended Far More Tragically - Another Reminder To Drive Safe


VIDEO: Scary Crash Escape Could Have Ended Far More Tragically - Another Reminder To Drive Safe

Here’s another gentle reminder to stay sharp on the road, folks, because you never know what could end the lives of you and your loved ones.

In this example, the driver with the dash-cam is seemingly enjoying a rather peaceful trip along an unnamed highway, alongside a trailer carrying what appears to be loaded with Isuzu D-Max pick-up trucks.

Out of nowhere, a Honda City comes flying across from the opposite lane, across the median, and straight into opposing traffic where the driver narrowly escapes a horrifying crash with the trailer and the owner of this video. The two cars do appear to share some contact, though.

It’s hard to tell what caused the Honda driver to veer off path that way: it could be anything from trying to avoid an object on the road, or attempting to overtake another vehicle – either way, it was done quite poorly, and at too much speed.

We hope the Honda driver and his passengers weren’t hurt in the incident (we can’t see what happens beyond the events recorder here).

Watch the video below, share it with your loved ones, and hope we can all do our part to prevent this from happening in the future.

Drive safe everyone, especially so on your long trips back to work after the Hari Raya festivities.

Allahuakbar! Nyaris2 nak kena langgar..

Allahuakbar! Nyaris2 nak kena langgar..More : Sukan Star TV @ Sukan Star .com @

Posted by Sukan Star TV on Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Some driving tips for long distance journeys:

  • Get sufficient rest before you start your journey
  • Do your best to get a co-driver to help share the driving duties – ideally, driver changes should be made at the hour
  • If no co-driver can be had, avoid driving alone. Good company can keep you up and alert
  • Take frequent breaks at different rest stops: stretch your legs, have a refreshing drink, eat something
  • Stay focused at all times: hands on the wheel, eyes on the road – not on your mobile phones
  • Be patient: long drives can be boring, especially when you’re stuck behind slow traffic. Always remember that there are far worse things to endure on the road.

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