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VIDEO: Street Racing Ferrari F12berlinetta Driver Smashes Barrier

Chris Aaron June 3, 2015 14:23

As if we need more video evidence to show that ownership of an expensive car doesn’t always equate to intelligence, here’s another keen demonstrator of the fact.

Driving a Ferrari F12berlinetta in Dubai, this driver took it upon himself to show off what his 730hp V12 machine was capable off when another pull up beside him, seemingly taunting the Ferrari driver whilst looking to score some cool video footage.

Well, cool video footage was exactly what he got from the moment the thunderous V12 roared to life, and the RM1.3mil (in Malaysia) F12 was off. Even cooler footage was what he scored when the Ferrari couldn’t stop in time, wasn’t able to avoid a collision, and slammed straight into a barrier. You can even see the Ferrari driver going super hard on the brakes, rear lights flickering.

If anything, here’s another gentle reminder that street racing is outright stupid, let alone dangerous - hopefully, this guy survived the harsh lesson without too much physical injury. And yeah, ownership of a supercar isn’t at all a clear sign of any intelligence. Remember this guy?

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