VIDEO: Tianjin Petrochemical Depot Explosion - 36 Fire Fighters Still Missing


VIDEO: Tianjin Petrochemical Depot Explosion - 36 Fire Fighters Still Missing

A massive explosion that took place recently at the Northern port city of Tianjin has consumed nearly 50 lives, with over 500 people admitted to hospitals (most recent reports state).

The blast, which is believed to have been viewable from space, is said to have come from a mishap at a petrochemical plant in the area, creating a blast as powerful as 24 tonnes of TNT, and shocks reaching up to 2.9 of the Richter scale.

So far, fire fighters have stalled rescue operations, following the death of 12 personnel, and another 36 that are still missing – again, we want to reiterate that this is latest news as per the time of writing, and these numbers are sadly expected to increase over time.

On top of consuming a significant part of the city, its buildings and more, the explosions also consumed a nearby port where thousands of vehicles, visibly several Volkswagen models, can be seen turned to near ash in these images.

Our thoughts are with the people of the city, and we do hope for the best for all affected by this tragic disaster.



Posted by F a c e b o o k News 新闻最前线 on Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Chris Aaron

Chris Aaron

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