VIDEO: Violent Driver Turns Road Rage Into Full-Blown Assault On Motorcyclist


VIDEO: Violent Driver Turns Road Rage Into Full-Blown Assault On Motorcyclist

A man lays on the ground next to his own car, pinned by a motorcyclist wearing a helmet-cam. What do you think happened? Something that kind of defies logic, quite honestly. 

Disclaimer: Now before you watch the video below, let us warn you there are some obscenities used during the incident. There are bleeps to cover most of them, however some language bombs were detonated.

Now what happened? We don’t quite know. From what we can gather from listening carefully to the footage, the driver in the white shirt was angry that the motorcyclist "went between" his car while driving – a practice very commonly seen in Malaysia too, referred to elsewhere as lane-splitting.

By the next traffic light, his had anger swelled enough for him to exit his Honda Accord and take a punch at the motorcyclist, even going so far as to shove a woman who was riding pillion at the time. Some rude words were exchanged and more even shoving followed.

Finally, the motorcyclist managed to push the driver onto the ground. A necessary move, given how violent he was getting. The driver managed to calm down after a while, it seemed. Before long, some of the other motorists approached the quarrelling pair. 

Police arrived shortly after and are still investigating the matter, suspecting the driver was under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

A quick look at the motorcyclist’s Youtube account reveals that the driver broke his ankle during the takedown, an injury that prevented him from facing immediate jail time. 

Moral of the story? Even if you feel wronged while out on the road, letting your emotions take the wheel and acting out rashly only inflates the problem unnecessarily. From what we saw in the video, there was no contact between the vehicles, and the driver’s reaction was totally out of proportion.

Even still, there’s no excuse good enough to physically assault anyone out on the road, or ever. Just stay calm and work it out like mature and civilised human beings.


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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