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VIDEO: Volvo Engine Remote Start, Helping You Get Through The Heat

Jim Kem May 19, 2015 16:06

Walking into a car that’s just wrought with heat isn’t something anyone enjoys doing, and yet we go through it on fairly regular basis here in Malaysia. Well, Volvo wants to help solve this by offering an optional RM1,999 Engine Remote Start system for Drive-E equipped models.

The video below shows someone who’s just gone finished a round of golf and really wouldn’t care for immediately entering his Volvo with its hot cabin. So, he whips out his key fob – or Personal Car Communicator, in Volvo-speak – to, you guessed it, remotely start his car up and let the air conditioning cool the car for his return. No sweat.

Now, for Malaysia at least, the XC60 is the only model that comes with the Drive-E engine. Note, too, that despite the car in the video is the pre-facelifted model, the vehicles that customers will get will indeed be the facelifted XC60.

The way Volvo’s Engine Remote Start works is that the engine will start and run for up to 15 minutes upon command. Assuming that the appropriate temperature will be reached before that mark, the engine will turn off once that happens. And if you’re worried about it posing a safety risk, Volvo says that the car’s alarm system and central locking remain on alert within that quarter-hour window (or less) and will engage upon forced entry. 


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