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VIDEO: Watch This Tow Truck Struggle To Lift A 2,805KG Maybach

Gerard August 12, 2015 14:20

This tow truck was trying to do the right thing, trying to relocate an illegal parked car in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately, the car it was trying to lift onto its flatbed was a Maybach 62 S, which has a curb weight of 2,805kg.

The massive luxury car just proves to be too much for the tow truck’s crane as it struggles to lift it, even after several attempts. In the end, the tow truck operator abandons his effort and leaves the 6.16 meter car in a position slightly further from the curb it was parked beside, potentially blocking more traffic than previously.

Maybe next time, the tow truck operator will return with an even more powerful crane as he has realised that trying to tow a Maybach away is no mean feat. 

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