VIDEO: This Is What Happens When You Leave Someone In A Car On A Hot Day


VIDEO: This Is What Happens When You Leave Someone In A Car On A Hot Day

How long do you think you can last in a hot car? Well, for NFL Arizona Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, it was just eight minutes.

Animal rights organisation PETA recently challenged Mathieu to see how long he could withstand the heat of being in a hot car. So, on a 32°C day (Malaysia is certainly much hotter, we reckon), Mathieu got into the car as the temperature begins climbing.

By the eight minute mark, Mathieu finally taps out with the inside temperature of the car reaching a scorching 49°C.

Now ask yourself, if a professional American football player, who is no stranger to heat, can only stand eight minutes inside a hot car, what makes you think your baby, dog, cat, or any of your loved ones should be put in such a situation.

"This is ultimately what it feels like to be a dog trapped inside of a car while their owner is probably in the grocery store," Mathieu said.

So please, don’t leave anything to chance and never leave your loved ones in a car parked out on a hot day.



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