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VIDEO: What Would Furious 7 Look Like If The Stunts Were Realistic?

Jim Kem May 12, 2015 17:58

Deep down we know when we see things in movies that physics can’t be made to do or when the probabilities of failure are too high. What would our experience be like watching Furious 7 if the stunts in the movie, amazing as they are, we’re truly made to be realistic? College Humor takes a stab. 

By this point, we think the world is pretty familiar with the Fast and Furious film franchise. If you’re not, well it’s about cars and stunts and a crew of drivers-buddies that do fun stuff with them. In turn, we have fun watching.

If everything they’ve been through actually happened, Brian O’Conner, Dominic Toretto’s and their gang would be the luckiest people in the world just by virtue of still being alive. Either way, we loved Furious 7, and so did so many others as its still raking in huge profits at the box office.

So if you’re up for a good laugh and/or even vaguely remember the scenes from the movie, maybe this clip will make you think about how many times the movie skirted the line of extreme improbability. Enjoy.

Video by College Humor 

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