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Volkswagen Beetle is coming back as an EV?

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Volkswagen Beetle is coming back as an EV?

The Volkswagen Beetle legacy might not be dead after all as rumours of a potential electric version have resurfaced once again.

This time around, it comes in a form of a red concept model being 'showcased' in a French children's film. We know, it's essentially a cartoon, but Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir, The Movie is indeed an official collaboration with Volkswagen.

Showcasing the brand's range of electric concept cars like the ID.Buzz, ID.Crozz and ID.Vizzion, the main star of the show is depicted with a bright red Volkswagen that closely resembles a Beetle. Volkswagen UK also referred to it as a "concept car electric Beetle" rather than a member of the ID EV family.

volkswagen beetle ev french kids movie cartoon ladybyg cat noir

Some folks might just see this as an animated film, but three of these VW electric models will go into production. If the theme is correct, then there's a chance that the EV Beetle might join the bandwagon as well.

Volkswagen is planning to launch around 10 EVs by 2026. For this, it'll be a combination of new as well as existing models. Seeing how the Beetle has already achieved legendary status, we won't be surprised if we see one in the near future.


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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