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Volkswagen Malaysia Expands Distribution With New Shah Alam Parts Hub

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Volkswagen Malaysia Expands Distribution With New Shah Alam Parts Hub

Volkswagen Malaysia has extended its parts hub for Malaysia, expanding their distribution centre to Shah Alam. This will make it a much quicker and more convenient affair to get replacement components for their car.

They have also enhanced their after sales service through the establishment of the new Shah Alam Parts Hub, which acts as an extension of the larger operation of Volkswagen’s Parts Centre in Singapore, which has been serving the region since 2014.

The parts themselves will be received from the Singapore centre as well as directly from the Volkswagen’s second-largest production plant in Kassel, Germany. Ample room for storage is provided within the 10,000 square foot structure.

Through working very closely with its regional partner just south of the border, efficient delivery turnaround times are ensured by order submissions being processed twice each day. Distribution of those parts, particularly market-focused inventory, campaign-related, and high-demand parts will be dispatched two times a day to dealerships across Malaysia from either Singapore or Shah Alam.

“Volkswagen is ‘Always by your side’ and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. With the establishment of this seamless integration between dealerships and Parts Hub, we have significantly reduced the waiting period. Therefore the performance of your Volkswagen car is always optimal,” said Volkswagen Malaysia managing director Armin Keller.

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Jim Kem

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