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Volkswagen Malaysia Expands Its Red Campaign, Up To RM 25,000 Rebate On Pre-Owned Vehicles

Gerard February 6, 2015 14:05

If you’ve had your eyes set on any pre-owned Volkswagen vehicle, you’ll be pleased to know that Volkswagen Malaysia’s Red Campaign will be expanded upon and this time, customers are eligible for a rebate of up to RM 25,000 for a purchase of any pre-owned Volkswagen vehicle from participating authorised dealers.

Previously, Volkswagen Malaysia announced a rebate of up to RM 9,999 for any purchase of new selected red coloured Volkswagen models.

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year season, Volkswagen’s God of Prosperity will also be making an appearance around the Klang Valley at ten locations over three days. And if you do get to catch him in person, he’ll be distrbuting angpows as well! A total of 20,000 angpows will be given out containing a ‘cheque’ that entitles you to a discount of up to RM 25,000 on pre-owned vehicles.

This rebate can be enjoyed by Volkswagen customers by:

  • Visiting Volkswagen dealerships across Malaysia, or
  • Attending Volkswagen sales events around Klang Valley, or
  • Following Volkswagen on their social media channels (Twitter and Instagram), or
  • Hunting for the God of Prosperity in person!

Details of the Volkswagen Sales Event are as follows:


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