Volkswagen Malaysia’s Master Technician Award Certification

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Volkswagen Malaysia’s Master Technician Award Certification

Volkswagen Malaysia recently concluded their After Sales Training where a total of 15 technicians were given the certification of Master Technicians, while 22 more were recognised as Diagnostic Competence Technicians. 

The training is part of Volkswagen Malaysia’s internal Service Qualification Training, which is divided into three categories - non-technical, technical and parts. The Germany-sourced syllabus is used is the same as that used globally by all Volkswagen dealers.

This Technical Service qualification training encompasses several levels of both practical and theoretical assessments, whereby the Master Technician Qualification can take up to two and a half years to complete.

There is also the Diagnostic Competence Qualification, which takes up to two years to complete. The role of a Diagnostic Technician is to diagnose and resolve electrical and other faults that may be found to ensure the correct repairs are made.

Mr Armin Keller, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia said that “Our customers are our top priority and investing on the right people, training and infrastructure is one of the ways we can strive to improve our offerings and improve the overall ownership experience. Volkswagen Malaysia will continue to focus on improving overall ownership experience for our customers.”

The company aims to have at least one Master Technician for every Volkswagen dealership in Malaysia. 

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