Volkswagen Presents Its Tips To Travel Smarter This Raya


Volkswagen Presents Its Tips To Travel Smarter This Raya

Apart from the quality time spent with family and friends plus all that delicious food, this time of the year (in fact, any festive period) is also characterised with the journey that precedes the actual festivities. In this case, the ‘balik kampung’.

Volkswagen Malaysia would like to share some tips that it thinks would be of greatest benefit to road users making their hometown journey. But rather than simply listing them out, they’d like to show you instead, and have prepared some clever infographics to get their message across:

Travel times are one of the more underrated of considerations when travelling and can make a substantial impact in total time spent on the road. Pick the best time to travel to plan around, and suddenly what was once a rigid schedule can turn into more flexible iteneraries.With help from PLUS, Volkswagen has also provided a little guide to help you choose the most opportune time to drive to the destination you want. 

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Jim Kem

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