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Volkswagen Reveals GTI Clubsport, Most Powerful GTI Yet

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Volkswagen Reveals GTI Clubsport, Most Powerful GTI Yet

For the upcoming GTI-Treffen festival in Worthersee, Austria, Volkswagen will take the wraps off a new headlining vehicle, which is this: the 261hp GTI Clubsport Concept, created as an anniversary model for the GTI’s 40th birthday.

As we previewed through its teaser sketches and some early details, the GTI Clubsport as shown in these pictures isn’t far removed from those original drawings released by Volkswagen. Modifications include a new front bumper, side sills, a special roof-edge spoiler, and a rear diffuser. All these extra aero elements are meant to enhance the car's natural sporting abilities as well as to complement the increased performance through high-speed stability and extra downforce to enable impressive grip through corners.

The GTI Clubsport’s 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine has been uprated to have an additional 34 horsepower over the Golf GTI Performance model, totalling 261hp being sent to the front wheels. This would make it the most powerful ‘GTI’ yet when it enters production at the beginning of 2016. In fact, there is a boost function available that would temporarily increase engine power by around 10 percent. Very handy for overtaking slow convoys.

Apart from the exterior, the GTI Clubsport’s individualised interior has also been given a once-over to reflect its significance as the 40th anniversary car as well as being the most performance-oriented GTI yet. We suppose we’d have to wait until the car is fully unveiled at Worthersee to take a gander at the interior, though. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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