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Volvo SELEKT Is The Smartest Path Into The Swedish Premium Experience

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Volvo SELEKT Is The Smartest Path Into The Swedish Premium Experience

Choosing your next car is neither an easy or particularly difficult process, especially if you already have certain informed leanings or a shortlist of contenders, but to the discerning buyer, the surrounding experience is another important factor.

Volvo, perhaps more so than other automakers, are known for their immersive quality. From the first impressions made at a distant glance to actually sitting in them and driving, there’s a certain indefinable quality that colours it, permeates it.

Volvo Selekt - Sime Darby Swedish Auto

It’s as if the engineers and designers wanted to curate an experience, rather than a car, that echoed the Swedish spirit.

Volvo SELEKT is testament to this, where seamlessness and simplicity are paramount, and your satisfaction is a commitment. This alignment in values makes it an ideal foundation for a partnership with

Hamish Stone, Managing Director and CEO of iCar Asia, said: “Volvo SELEKT is a fantastic program and we are excited to work with Volvo Car Malaysia once again to help showcase it to the millions of car buyers that visit every month. I am confident that car buyers in Malaysian will be attracted to the great cars and services that are part of the Volvo SELEKT program.”

Volvo Selekt - Sime Darby Swedish Auto

Not only are Volvo’s selection of pre-owned cars available at physical locations, but customers are allowed, even encouraged to browse through a library of SELEKT’s total nationwide collection through their dedicated online portal which is designed to be as sleek, sophisticated, and helpful as any Volvo showroom.

For added convenience, these same vehicle listings will be mirrored on, taking full advantage of its comprehensive suite of buyer and seller features and solutions to bring even more utility to the SELEKT experience.

Volvo Selekt -

Charles Frump, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia, said: “When customers purchase under our Volvo SELEKT program and through the Volvo Used Car Locator, they are not just getting a more streamlined shopping experience of quality cars at a more accessible price but also peace of mind, knowing that they will have a premium buying experience through our dedicated service and assurance of quality,”

“At the end of the day, the used Volvo car they will own will bear the safety technologies fitted by Volvo, the pioneer and leader in automotive safety. To help more Malaysians fulfil their desire, we will continue to expand our range of pre-owned car offerings and consider additional listing opportunities in the future.”

Volvo XC40 - Collage

To guarantee the integrity and quality of the active inventory, each vehicle entered into the SELEKT collection is carefully selected, must be under 5 years old with less than 100,000km, and have undergone a meticulous 125 point inspection, mileage and service history verification, and comprehensive software upgrade package before being allowed to be put up for viewing.

The intention here is to blur the lines between the new and used buying process, with equal importance placed on the satisfaction of both customer types. After all, every Volvo, along with their owners, are important ambassadors for the prestigious Swedish marque, regardless of whether the vehicle is factory fresh or pre-owned.

Volvo Selekt - Sime Darby Swedish Auto

Again, with Volvo SELEKT, between browsing the selection of premium pre-owned vehicles to viewing them in person to taking it home as your own, the overall experience of this flow has been given the ultimate priority.

Beyond that, this commitment to satisfaction does not end. Rather, it extends well into the after-sales coverage. To give the ownership journey the best head start, each like-new Volvo will receive a minimum 12 month warranty alongside a minimum of 1 year service package and Volvo Road Side Assistance.

Additionally, Volvo Insurance also provides buyers with the most convenient and widespread coverage specifically tailored to your SELEKT vehicle for a worry-free driving experience.

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Jim Kem

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