Volvo Teases Their All-New S90 Ahead Of Detroit Auto Show Unveil

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Volvo Teases Their All-New S90 Ahead Of Detroit Auto Show Unveil

The closer we tread toward the next Detroid Auto Show in January 2016, the clearer the picture will become of Volvo’s upcoming flagship sedan, the S90. The car will replace the ageing second-generation S80 which by next year would be 10 years in production. 

Until then, these are some of the first official glimpses we’ll be getting before the ramp-up to Detroit really kicks into gear. They are a couple of rather vague images - renderings, rather - that do give a little hint as to the basic silhouette of the new S90 as well as the rear light arrangement. 

The S90 will share the same platform and chassis as the much lauded XC90 SUV and is expected to be the first sedan to carry its new hybrid “Twin Engine” and twincharged petrol engine technologies and intelligent drive systems. 

The S90 is also expected to spawn an estate version not long after initial launch in the form of the V90 - both the S90 and V90 were sort of leaked as convincing miniature scale models earlier this year.

Volvo’s on roll. 

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