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VW’s New W12 is More Efficient and Smoother, Destined for the Bentayga

Daniel Wong May 11, 2015 18:17

Fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions is the gong that carmakers bang on constantly nowadays with every new engine launch. A point to which is rendered kind of moot when the engine in question is a 6-litre turbocharged 12-cylinder engine. Nevertheless Volkswagen has done their part in improving the fuel efficiency of their next-generation W12 engine, which was presented at the International Vienna Motor Symposium.

This is done thanks to the use of high-pressure direct- and low-pressure manifold fuel injection, twin-scroll biturbo charging, and individual cylinder bank deactivation, which allows the engine to produce 608PS and 900Nm of torque while achieving a class-leading CO2 emissions of less than 250g/km. That said, the impressive bit is the tech fitted to improve the W12's smoothness.

The W12 TSI engine would feature “adaptive engine suspension with hydraulic basic damping, which uses electromagnetic actuators to counteract vibrations induced by the engine with phase-shfited counter-vibrations”. It certainly sounds like a very sophisticated solution for what already is a pretty smooth running engine.  

Since its designation as Volkswagen’s “Centre of Excellence” for their W12 engines last year, Bentley’s factory in Crewe will be producing the new W12 TSI engine, which will then be fitted to the most opulent of models in the Volkswagen Group, such as the top-of-the-line Audi A8 W12, across the Bentley range, and the range-topping Volkswagen Phaeton. According to Volkswagen the W12 TSI comes with an oil circuit that is designed to be suited for off-road use with a switchable oil pump, a clear enough hint that we will be seeing this engine real soon in Bentley’s upcoming Bentayga SUV

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