We Wonder How Chevrolet Feels About Jose Mourinho Partnering with Jaguar, Again

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We Wonder How Chevrolet Feels About Jose Mourinho Partnering with Jaguar, Again

Jaguar and the manager of Manchester United Football Club Jose Mourinho have once again teamed up for an ad by the British carmaker, promoting the XJ sedan.

“The special one”, as what Mourinho is also known as, is seen being driven around in the XJ, which is Jaguar’s flagship model, around the streets of Manchester while the man talks about his passion for winning, what inspires him, and everything in between.

Towards the end of the ad, after explaining how it is important to surround oneself with people and things of great quality, Jose even cheekily acknowledges how Jaguar makes him feel “special”.

This is not the first time Mourinho has joined forces with Jaguar as he has already worked together with the brand a few times prior to this.

The first time was when he became the first customer in the UK to receive the F-Type Coupe two years ago. Last year, Jose became one of the first people in the world to sample the new F-Pace SUV on snow in Sweden.

Other than these, there have been a few promo videos involving both parties as well.

Although Manchester United is being sponsored by Chevrolet, it is funny how there have been more videos of Jose in a Jaguar.

Or is he hinting at a possible switch from the American brand to British?  



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