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Who is hotter? Girl Driving A Truck Or A Girl Driving A Sedan?

Gokul October 12, 2016 12:52

Pick up trucks have become so popular that they no longer appeal only to men. Many of you would have definitely seen women behind the wheels of some bad-ass trucks. But have you wondered how a girl with a truck is seen by others? 

While some may find it attractive, some might find girls with trucks a tad too rough or adventurous. What about you? Do you find 'truck girls' more attractive than the girls who are driving sedans? 

In order to discover what people have in their minds, Isuzu Malaysia sent these hotties - Jazel the 'Truck Girl' and Olivia the 'Sedan Girl' out there to meet a few members of the public and find out for themselves which one of the two is more popular. 

Who do you think won? Check out the video below:

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