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With RM50k Up For Grabs A Race, Mat Rempits No Longer Want Women As Their Prize

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With RM50k Up For Grabs A Race, Mat Rempits No Longer Want Women As Their Prize

With up to RM50k up for grabs, it's no wonder Mat Rempits now prefer cash winnings instead of women as prizes.

Despite the number of fatal accidents associated with street racing, Mat Rempits are unwilling to give up their illegal racing activities as it could result in the loss of some lucrative earnings.

According to Kosmo, "with winnings from street racing surging to as high as RM50,000 a race, Mat Rempits have found it hard to turn down the illegal but lucrative activity".

2022 Mat Rempit

A 25-year-old street racer from Kota Bharu, Kelantan told the daily he could earn up to RM6,000 a month by racing on the streets every weekend.

“The races are usually held at Jalan Padang Kala and the winnings can go as high as RM50,000. This would then be split between mechanics, jockeys, and bike owners,” said the street racer.

Motorcycle modification Malaysia

When Kosmo continued their investigation and interviewed a group of motorcycle street racers, they mentioned that they had dropped the act of offering women as a wager as it is deemed as "low class".

“Indeed, there were some races that offered women as a wager, but that was low class. It was popular in the 1990s, but now Mat Rempit want money".

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