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Would You Pay RM4.26mil For A Beetle?

Jim Kem June 2, 2015 09:51

With an asking price that astronomically high, you’d expect it to be attached to either a very fast car, or a very rare car, or one that had a famous owner, or all of the above. Not so in this case, because this Type 1 Beetle isn’t from the late 1930s as the first few ever made. Rather, this ‘classic’ Beetle was made in July 2003. 

But why the asking price of one million Euros (roughly RM4.26 million)? This bug is what is called the Última Edición, meaning it’s one of the final examples of the original Volkswagen Beetle ever made when production officially ended at the Mexico factory in 2003.

Its number 162 in the series, too – not the first or last, but close. The absolute final Beetle (pictured above wearing a sombrero) rests at Volkswagen’s museum.

Back to the car in question, it has no special luxuries, has a black fabric interior, comes in this lovely beige exterior colour and sports a 46hp 1.6-litre air-cooled engine. The Wolfsburg-based seller is clearly is looking for a Beetle enthusiast, but we’re not sure if even the most die-hard of that flock would pay one million Euros for it, 75 times the estimated selling price of Última Edición. But for his sake, we hope we’re wrong. 

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