You Will Be Fired If You Can Finish Honda's New CR-V Commercial In Office


Most television commercials last at the most 30 seconds, 90 seconds if it is some YouTube feature commercial if they can hold your attention long enough to avoid being skipped. This YouTube advertisement on the other hand, isn’t quite like your average promotion and takes the art of commercials to a whole new level.

Honda recently released a very ambitious commercial to portray the new CR-V’s ‘endlessness’, which is meant ot portray endless enjoyment and endless reliability, that is sort of perfectly communicated through this rather unique “Droste effect” spot. What's more you can switch between 11 major cities around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, where it would collect real-time weather and time data from the chosen city and change the lighting and weather in the cycle to reflect the city's current weather and time, be it sunny, dusk, cloudy, raining, or night. 

Trust me, you won’t be able to stop watching, and I bet you can’t finish it in time before you get fired. Click the image below to watch it, you have been warned. 

Bobby Ang

Life's too short to drive boring cars


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