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Toyota Supra Specification

The Toyota Supra engine uses a BMW B58 2.0L turbo inline-4 gas and 3.0L turbo inline-6 gas. The 3.0 variant Toyota Supra horsepower is at 382 hp and produces 501 Nm of torque which offers an exciting performance. Meanwhile, for the Toyota Supra 2.0 horsepower is at 255 with 400 Nm of torque. Toyota Supra comes in both manual and automatic transmission. The Toyota Supra’s engine specification with its top speed of 155mph for a 2.0 and 165mph for a 3.0, the rigid body construction and weight distribution of 50:50 makes the car appealing. Toyota Supra fuel consumption is 10.9 L/100km for a 2.0 and 12.7 L/100km for a 3.0. The Toyota Supra safety features includes a Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning with steering assist, automatic high beams and speed limit information.

Toyota Supra Interior

Toyota Supra interior can be a unique experience as it provides a low-slung seating position and a dramatic view. The Toyota Supra features an interior which blends Japanese and German influences and makes users feel luxurious. While incorporating some BMW car elements, such as the steering wheel and gear selector, the Toyota Supra stands out with the manual gearbox variant which prompts them to redesign the center console for a bespoke touch. The overall overview of the dashboard looks pleasing with a unique touch to their instrument cluster. The car provides comfortable and supportive seats with grippy Alcantara. The iDrive-style controller and physical controls for heating and ventilation are very user friendly which contributes to the practicality of Toyota Supra.

Toyota Supra Exterior

The Toyota Supra exterior design shines and captures people's attention for its sleek and attractive aesthetics. The car boasts a rigid body structure which even surpasses the Lexus LFA. With hatchback boot at the rear and two seats, the Toyota Supra combines both style and performance. The Toyota Supra’s iconic badge also adds to its allure. While the car has many competition in the sports car market, the Supra stands out as a complete coupe which offers a balanced blend of GT comfort and sportiness making it worthy.

Toyota Supra FAQs

The design is simple yet effective, clean, and timeless without the swooping lines, vents, flares and spoilers. Additionally, the legendary 2JZ engine adds to its appeal. The performance of this generation of Toyota Supra is noteworthy and possibly amplified due to being featured in the Fast and The Furious movie.

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