2021 Perodua Ativa AV vs 2020 Proton X50 Standard


2021 Perodua Ativa AV vs 2020 Proton X50 Standard

Which SUV is the better buy? The Perodua Ativa AV or the Proton X50 Standard?

As much as we all know that the Proton X50 is in a completely different segment, there's just no way of avoiding the comparison between it and the upcoming Perodua Ativa (D55L)

We suppose the reason for this is because there are both nationally produced SUVs that are high in technology and present good value for money for anyone in the market for a new vehicle. 

For those who have set a budget of around RM80k, you can either go for the highest specced Perodua Ativa, the AV (estimated price of RM73,400) or the lowest specced Proton X50, the Standard (RM79,200), but which one is the better buy?

To determine this, we thought we deep dive into both cars' official specifications and compare them against each other.

Proton X50 at SICPerformance - Proton X50 Standard pips ahead

Model Power (hp) & Torque (Nm) Weight (Kg) Transmission
Perodua Ativa AV  97hp/140Nm 980Kg D-CVT
Proton X50 Standard 148hp/226Nm 1,325Kg 7-Speed DCT

Both the Perodua Ativa AV and the Proton X50 Standard come with turbocharged engines, but the similarities end there as the Perodua has a displacement of 1.0-litre while the Proton comes with an award-winning has 1.5 litres turbocharged powerplant. 

On paper, the Perodua Ativa AV clearly has less power than the Proton X50 Standard but the lighter weight of the Ativa should offset some of that power difference. Generally, Dual Clutch Transmissions are geared up to provide performance while CVTs exists purely as a fuel-saving tool, so expect the Proton X50 to be the livelier out of the two.

Perodua Ativa AV

Fuel economy - Depends on who's behind the wheel, but the Ativa makes a comeback!

Model Fuel consumption litre/100km
Perodua Ativa AV 5.3
Proton X50 Standard 6.5

In the table above are the claimed fuel consumption figures for both vehicles and while claimed fuel consumption figures from manufacturers should be taken with a pinch of salt, it does give you an indication that the Ativa fares better in this department. 

Saying that however, the most important part of fuel economy depends on the driver's right foot and the type of driving he/she is doing. If the driver is constantly overworking the small engine in the Ativa, the impressive fuel consumption figures in the Perodua might be higher than expected and that also applies to the Proton X50. However, the Ativa is equipped with a D-CVT, so the car will try its best to make that fuel in the tank last longer.

Perodua Ativa Adas 3.0For illustration purposes only

Safety - The Ativa AV is well endowed in this department

Model Airbag Passive Safety
Proton X50 Standard 4 ESC,TCS

Perodua has really stepped up their game in the safety department and has included a lot of advanced safety gear in the top-spec Ativa. This is Perodua's first model to be equipped with ASA 3.0 which includes features such as Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Keep Control, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

On top of that impressive list of safety features are 6 airbags as well as an LED Adaptive Driving beam, a first from a sub RM100k. Of course, the top-spec Proton X50 can match the Ativa AV's safety features but the lowest X50 variant is looking a bit empty compared to the Ativa AV. 

Perodua Ativa AV teaser

Price - Perodua's pricing is just a beautiful thing 

Model Price
Perodua Ativa AT  RM 73,400 (Estimated)
Proton X50 Standard RM 79,200

Everyone knows that Perodua vehicles have the best pricing around but often they do come with deficiencies in certain areas. Not anymore it seems as the Ativa with its impressive features and equipment list surely squashes that notion.

For its price, it has to be said that the Perodua Ativa AV is one of the best value proposition SUVs around but you must still consider that it is a small SUV in the first place, being closer to the A-segment rather than the Proton X50's B-segmentation.

Still, it's impressive how Perodua has managed to slap on such a good price tag on the Perodua Ativa AV, ticking all the right boxes in the process. 


Perodua Ativa AV VS Proton X50 Standard

If you want power and don't care about the rest, then the Proton X50 Standard is the one for you, but if you're willing to live with slightly less power and have great safety features as well as fuel economy then the Perodua Ativa AV might just be the better option for you. 


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