Another out of control Tesla Model Y in China crashes, killing two


Another out of control Tesla Model Y in China crashes, killing two

Another Tesla Model Y was seen careening down a road in China, seemingly unable to control its rampant acceleration and not responding to braking input. The resulting collisions left 2 people dead in the city of Taizhou, Zhejiang province.

On November 28th, a black Model Y was spotted blasting past a red light at high speed in what appears to be near or in the city centre with wide roads and a heavy concentration of pedestrians.

The EV then slammed into the rear of white SUV at an intersection, which slowed it down considerably, before impacting a guard rail that finally stopped it. A white BMW 3 Series was also involved.

This latest tragedy, under very similar circumstances, has occurred just 2 weeks after another incident involving a light coloured Tesla Model Y took the lives of two people and left 3 injured in Guandong, China. In both cases, the EV seemed to be accelerating out of control.

Eyewitness footage and CCTV in Taizhou does not show the moment of impact but does give us a clear extent of the immediate aftermath.

The driver of the black vehicle, Xu Moujun, despite the severe damage, managed to climb out with only minor injuries. He has been detained by local police and the accident is under further investigation.

Even prior to both these most recent tragic road deaths, Tesla has been under fire from the Chinese public and under scrutiny from regulatory bodies. So far it has managed to win all cases brought against it that have claimed brake failure was at fault.

That said, we will need for more facts to come to light about the events that transpired in Taizhou and Guandong two weeks prior, as these so far are the most high profile examples of a potentially deadly issue.

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Jim Kem

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