BMW 5 Series G30 US Ordering Guide Has Been Leaked


BMW 5 Series G30 US Ordering Guide Has Been Leaked

In Malaysia we don't really have the luxury of picking and choosing our options willy nilly as the Americans and Europeans seem to be able to. This is partly because product planning is a lot easier to do with singular specifications that allow for a few additional unintrusive options, whereas in these more developed markets the customer is allowed to customise their car to a T as they operate on a nearly pull-driven manufacturing scheme. Each car is uniquely outfitted with the options from the factory- things that cannot be retrofitted at a dealership, and this doesn't work here as it would affect volumes of production. 

But that doesn't mean we can't hope, or guess, what we'll be seeing in our local-spec G30 5 Series. BMWBLOG and Bimmerpost managed to find a leaked copy of the options list and guide for the upcoming 5 Series. The U.S. market will open with 4 variants of the new 5 Series, in either 530i or 540i form, with and without xDrive for both models. While there is word on a 550i model potentially coming to the U.S. market, it is these two models in non xDrive form that we will most likely see here.

The standard stuff to expect is at least as good as the outgoing F10 5 Series, with LED headlamps coming as standard for the 530i, and adaptive lighting topping this for the 540i models. Navigation only seems to be a standard option for the 540i, but beyond this the spec lists look pretty much as you would expect with a 5 Series. The options available are where it gets interesting: BMW is going to make radar based cruise control and safety systems, as well as gesture control avaiilable if owners wish to purchase them, which could really elevate the prestige of these products if they became made available here as well. Integral Active Steering (or rear wheel steering) is an option individual of any package, which may return as standard for the 540i (we had it in the previous gen 535i as standard).