BMW i8 Roadster Teased Again Ahead Of 2018 Launch


BMW i8 Roadster Teased Again Ahead Of 2018 Launch

The BMW i8 Roadster has been teased yet again in a video showing test mules undergoing final testing at BMW’s plant in Leipzig, Germany. BMW's ‘i’ division has confirmed the release of its third model (after the i8 Coupe and i3) in 2018.

Three aspects of the new Roadster model are highlighted in the 25-second video, namely its carbon fibre monocoque, the new headlight design and also shows BMW’s workers installing the compact fabric roof section.

BMW has previously teased the i8 Roadster in two separate videos.

The first video glimpsed the final design undergoing testing in a wind tunnel, and also highlighted the new headlight and taillight designs. It also shows the omission of the front bonnet scoop, which is found on the Coupe model.

The second video, released in August, showed a group of camouflaged i8 Roadsters undergoing road and track testing.




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