Caltex And Michelin Come Together To Produce New Engine Oils


Caltex And Michelin Come Together To Produce New Engine Oils

Malaysian motorists will become the first to be offered a new engine oil by Caltex and Michelin.

Available through Michelin's local partner, Tyreplus, the co-developed engine oil consists of Tyreplus’ Fully Synthetic 5W30, Fully Synthetic 5W40, and Semi-Synthetic 10W40. It will be available across Tyreplus' 70 outlets nationwide starting this June.

Michelin and Caltex, who have been collaborating since 2019, started working on engine oils in 2021. Michelin is confident that Caltex's lubrication technology, Chevron Oronite, will provide a high-quality product for the masses - especially when Tyreplus engine oils are specifically formulated for vehicles in Malaysia. 

Lubricant additives made by Chevron Oronite help to dissolve deposits, inhibit corrosion, control oxidation, and reduce friction and wear. Their products also use the latest technology and research to help maximize engines' reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of your engine.

Tyreplus engine oil

The benefits of using Tyreplus engine oil include:

Tyreplus Fully Synthetic 5W-30

  • Outstanding mitigation against low-speed pre-ignition

  • Better fuel economy

Tyreplus Fully Synthetic 5W-40

  • Maintains high power and performance

  • Saves on maintenance costs by efficiently lubricating the engine

Tyreplus Semi-Synthetic 10W-40

  • Prolongs engine life

  • Preserves the engine's full power and performance

  • Reduces maintenance costs by efficiently lubricating the engine

Tyreplus outlets Malaysia

For those unfamiliar with Tyreplus, the one-stop vehicle centre is known for its one-stop services, offering Michelin & BFgoodrich tires, lubricants, batteries and braking systems. They also offer a wide range of services, including tyre replacements, free safety checks, nitrogen inflation and air conditioning recharge.

Tyreplus attracts customers looking for a one-stop solution and quality products, which now include their very own premium engine oil.

Caltex petrol station Malaysia

As for Caltex, they are a petroleum and lubricant brand name of Chevron Corporation and are used in 29 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. 2016 marked their 80th year in Malaysia, proving that they are one of the most trusted brands for fuel and lubricants.