Carsome Launches Its Certified Lab, A First Of Its Kind Used Car Refurbishing Centre


Carsome Launches Its Certified Lab, A First Of Its Kind Used Car Refurbishing Centre

Carsome has just launched the Carsome Certified Lab, a car refurbishment centre that promises to reinvent how consumers look and purchase used cars. 

Slated to be one of the largest car refurbishment facilities in the region, the 185,000 square feet fully-functional lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that can transform pre-owned cars almost as good as new.

Carsome Lab Malaysia

According to Carsome Certified CEO, Mei Han, the centre can refurbish up to 2,000 cars per month at optimum operational capacity, turning them into Carsome certified cars, which gives buyers peace of mind when purchasing used cars.

"Carsome Certified exists to give consumers the options of pre-owned cars that are more superior. All our cars go through world-class refurbishment at Carsome Certified Lab, so that our customers can choose their dream car from our largest selection of best-in-class, quality-assured cars. This is our continuous effort in eliminating consumer and industry pain points," said Mei.

Carsome Certified Lab

The first of its kind facility aims to bring buyers a trusted used car ecosystem, where everything is transparent. Carsome aims to do this by selling cars with the Carsome promise of no accidents, no hidden fees and a holistic approach to stringent quality control with global industry standards.

Carsome has also set up the Carsome Academy, a centre where it can help upskill its technicians to be proficient at refurbishing more than 30 different car brands. 

Carsome certified lab

Cars that will be sold under Carsome Certified will first go through a 175 point check to help assess the refurbishment required. They will then go through mechanical and general repair where essential functions such as powertrain and safety systems are tested and fixed to be in their most optimal condition.

Carsome Certified Lab

Next is lubricant, brakes and air conditioning services, where faulty or in need of service items such as brake pads or air filters will be changed. 

After the mechanical bits are up to scratch, the car will go through the body and paint department to fix any blemishes to make the car aesthetically top notch. Carsome informed us that they only use OEM manufactured paint and does a three-step paint correction afterwards to perfectly blend in the body's paintwork.

Carsome Certified Lab

One of the final steps of the process is to go through Carsome's quality check where they ensure that the cars are safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Carsome plans to open additional Carsome Certified Labs in the next 12 months across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand to continue offering more Carsome Certified pre-owned cars for consumers to choose from. 

Buyers can now browse for cars online with a 360-degree view, purchase one with minimal paperwork and have their cars home-delivered for maximum convenience.

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