Christmas Holiday Edition: 8 Gift Ideas For A Man Who Drives


Christmas Holiday Edition: 8 Gift Ideas For A Man Who Drives

If the man in your life loves cars, these Christmas gift ideas will drive him wild. 

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought of a gift yet? If your dad or significant other loves cars and drives them all the time, this gift guide is for you.  

Our list is organized from the most luxurious gifts to those that are budget-friendly. You won’t find any car care kit in this list because he probably already got that covered. But you’re sure to find other fantastic gifts for the special car-loving men in your life.  

1. Ferrari Driving Experience  

Brought to you by Naza Italia, the Corso Pilota Ferrari (Ferrari Driving Courses) offers four different experiences in terms of difficulty and intensity - begin with the Corso Pilota Sport and then gradually progress to the most advanced level, the Corso Pilota Challenge.  

All courses include class-based lectures, practical activities on the track and review of video and telemetric data that will leave him giddy with excitement. The cars used in the courses are the sportiest ones in the Ferrari range - F8 Tributo, 812 Superfast and SF90 Stradale in all levels of the Corso. Last but not least, he also get to experience the 488 Challenge Evo, Ferrari's very own single-brand GT Championship in the Challenge course.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you do have the money to splurge (package prices vary), and your man will thank you for it!  

2. Custom car seats  

If he prefers spending more time in his own car (maybe to work or day trips with the boys), why not customize the car seats? 

The sleek Sportster GT from RECARO for instance, fits perfectly into most vehicles and combines the best features of both sport and racing seats.  

The seat’s lightweight structure provides RECARO’s world-renowned performance ergonomics and excellent body support too. Perfect for long drives or during traffic jams!  

3. Motorsport apparel  

If the man in your life is a Formula 1 fan, look no further than gifting him genuine F1 merchandise and apparel from their favorite teams and drivers.  

CMC Motorsports is the officially licensed Formula One Motorsports apparel and accessories, and they offer free shipping worldwide too (minimum spending required). However, if you want the gift to arrive on Christmas day, you can opt for digital gift cards from the store and let your man shop to his heart’s desire.  

4. Racing gears  

With sessioned track days booked, a brand-new helmet, a race suit and gloves would fit well with his racing look, right?  

There are plenty to choose from, according to your budget of course, with Alpinestars and OMP being top of the game here. It’s best for you to purchase the real deal, rather than cutting on the gift budget with counterfeit race equipment. 

There’s no guarantee a fake Alpinestars race suit can protect your man like a genuine one could.  

5. BBQ toolbox  

If he’s into outdoor activities, the man in your life can fire things up wherever he goes with a BBQ toolbox.  

From the outside, it looks like a sleek toolbox, but inside this hot little number is a portable grill, designed for any adventure. There is a stainless-steel grilling area, a bun warming rack, and storage for marinades and condiments.  

Fill the removable fuel tray with charcoal and daddy’s ready to cook his BBQ to perfection. And you’ll get to enjoy it with him over a nice camping trip in Sungai Congkak.  

6. In-car cooler 

No more stops for cold water and snacks at gas stations when you haven’t planned for it!

This app-controlled in-car cooler will keep his drinks and snacks icy fresh while traveling, and while it’s a larger option, it’s still small enough to sit in the middle seat in the rear of your SUV. He can enjoy all the cool drinks without making continuous RnR stops that can dampen his mood.  

7. Stainless steel tumbler  

Most of the men in my life prefer hot beverages, so the most practical yet affordable gift is a stainless steel tumbler. This kind of tumbler has excellent temperature retention so rest assured; his coffee will stay hot for a longer period compared to an ordinary tumbler. 

If you love him extra or maybe feeling a bit ‘naughty’, you can also customize his tumbler accordingly. Bet he’ll love you back for it!  

8. A novelty shirt  

If there’s one thing better than a good dad joke, it’s a good dad joke on a t-shirt. This one reads “I’m not old, I’m classic,” which might just become his new favorite catchphrase. You can never go wrong with a shirt (as long as it fits him well) plus, personalization like this makes it easier for you to become his favourite girl!  

With gift ideas sorted out, it’s time to do some shopping. And really, it doesn’t matter how much the gift should cost but it is the thought that counts.  

Happy shopping!