GR Sport kit to be available soon for the Toyota Corolla Altis?


GR Sport kit to be available soon for the Toyota Corolla Altis?

Exciting news awaits Toyota enthusiasts as UMW Toyota is set to give the ever-popular Corolla Altis the sporty GR treatment, judging by the evidence on their website.

If you can't believe it, all you have to do is navigate to and head to the Corolla page, and brace yourself for a thrilling discovery. Just click on "View Estimated Price List," at the bottom and behold!

Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport

As of the date stated on the new price list (3rd July 2023), it appears that the Toyota Corolla might soon be available as a GR Sport if you throw a bit more money at the 1.8G model. For an additional RM5,000, you will unlock a world of GR-ness as an exclusive upgrade for the Corolla 1.8G model, priced at RM147,800.

So, what does this GR Sport Package entail? The upgrade includes the striking GR Sport Design Bumper, eye-catching GR Sport Alloy Wheels, an interior adorned with GR Sport Interior Finishing, and a suspension specially tuned for that ultimate sporty performance—yes, you read that right, GR Sport Suspension Tuning.

Toyota Corolla GR SportPicture of the Corolla GR Sport in Thailand

However, as of now, you won't find any actual photos of the Toyota Corolla with the GR Sport kit, anywhere on the website. It seems like UMW Toyota is treating us to a tantalizing teaser ahead of the official unveiling of this Corolla with the GR Sport kit.

The GR Sport treatment would elevate this beloved model to new heights of performance and style. Stay tuned for more updates as this thrilling addition to the Toyota family prepares to steal the show on the roads.

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