Isuzu MU-X Takes Vehicle of the Year Award for Borneo Safari 2016


Isuzu MU-X Takes Vehicle of the Year Award for Borneo Safari 2016

Isuzu doesn't have very many products in their range, but what they do have is built well and can handle almost anything you throw at it. But how well do these claims hold up to real world situations? The Borneo Safari is the perfect place to test a car's mettle, and while we were attached to the Isuzu contingent for the event, we did not enter the trail with them. As it turns out, the MU-X and D-Max that had entered the trail managed to pass through with hardly a hitch. 

In doing so, the Isuzu MU-X also took home the "Vehicle of the Year" award for the event. "... the Isuzu mu-X performed flawlessly, even in the ultra-tough hard core section of the trail that stretched some 30 km from the entrance arch near Kampung Garung to Timberwell Camp that took three days to complete. It did not require any change of spare parts or any repairs, which speaks volumes of its quality and reliability,” he said.

According to Borneo Safari Organising Committee Chairman Faez A Nordin, this year’s event was the toughest in 12 years. Daily rains caused a two-day delay as the nearly 430-strong convoy struggled with slippery and muddy conditions and numerous steep uphill and downhill slopes that tested driving skills to the limit.