JPJ deems the 1.7m Perodua & Toyota cars affected in Daihatsu testing scandal as safe, no recall order


JPJ deems the 1.7m Perodua & Toyota cars affected in Daihatsu testing scandal as safe, no recall order

Following up on the Daihatsu ‘procedural irregularities’ scandal that broke last year, the Malaysian Ministry of Transport has deemed that a safety recall is not required as the affected Perodua and Toyota cars sold here still meet safety standards.

At a press conference in Putrajaya, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said these vehicles, which total to some 1.7 million units across several different models, have been found to fully comply with the United Nations safety standards under the current Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) procedures.

“JPJ reviewed and examined each data point and retest result, confirming that all these vehicle models comply with UN safety standards,” Loke told the media.

This was determined following a retesting session, including brake systems and frontal impact, conducted in March of 2023 by Technical Services (TS) and is recognised by the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations (WP29) under the United Nations Type Approval framework.

Specifically, the models sent to undergo retesting were the first-generation Perodua Axia, second-generation (current) Perodua Axia, the second-generation Perodua Alza, Aruz, Ativa, Bezza, and Myvi. Meanwhile, the Toyota models submitted were the Rush, Vios, and Veloz.

The findings of the retest can be accessed publicly via JPJ’s website, or directly via this link.

“JPJ will rigorously continue to monitor both vehicle manufacturers and DMC to ensure they have implemented the prescribed improvement actions. Among the improvements involved are updates to internal testing reporting procedures and the implementation of periodic compliance activities involving the authorities such as JPJ,” Loke added.

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Jim Kem

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