New Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer Teases More High-Speed Action


New Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer Teases More High-Speed Action

A new trailer has been released for the newest Mission Impossible film. Called Rogue Nation, the movie brings back Ethan Hunt and team to save the world again while dodging bullets and chasing baddies in cars. Speaking of which, we see more of the headlining BMW M3 car chase too. 

It’s pretty amazing how we’re already nearly reaching the premiere of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – the fifth instalment in the series. It’s a fun spy series that can hold its own in world of Bonds and Bournes.

Back onto that M3 chase, we’re shown more of it this time. If you’ve watched the previous trailer, we see the car driven by the protagonist, being chased through a narrow middle-eastern city streets by a band of armed motorcyclists. 

Some trick driving ensues to level the playing field and at some point the car jumps off a makeshift ramp while in reverse. BMW seems to be in the movie producer’s good books, as even in the previous entrant, 2011’s Ghost Protocol, the main chase scene involved two BMWs and even a BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept, precursor to the i8 hybrid sportscar, had its time to shine.

Back to Rogue Nation, some other wheeled in action involves more bikes involved in a highway chase, bringing back some memories of the John Woo-directed Mission Impossible II. The chase ends in a fireball down a cliff, so that's bound to be fun. 

Alec Baldwin’s brooding political-type character says in the trailer “You and your team will answer for every wanton act of mayhem you are responsible for.”

He’ll have some counting to do, then. 


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