Nissan Teases Mystery ‘Intelligent’ EV Ahead Of 2015 Tokyo Motor Show


Nissan Teases Mystery ‘Intelligent’ EV Ahead Of 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan would surely be trying to keep their toes curled while patiently waiting for the doors to swing open on the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (just days away now) before they let spill at their announcements. Mystery is the watchword, and applies to their teasers too. 

So secretive of their concept that they have barely included any words to accompany the only image that was released of it. We’re used to at least having a paragraph or two, vague as they may be.

But no, for this Nissan has only revealed one sentence: "Nissan's future vision of car intelligence and electrification is coming to Tokyo Motor Show 2015."

Take away from that what you will, but for us this looks like it could preview the next-generation Nissan Leaf. The concept’s overall compact dimensions and overall silhouette do have traces of the electric car’s DNA.

If it is revealed as such, and subsequently reaches showrooms looking as striking as the very dark teaser image, the Leaf could do much better to capture the imaginations of new potential customers. The current Leaf, while technically impressive, is a rather bland if unusual-looking hatchback.

Fingers crossed.

The interesting bit of that one-sentenced caption from Nissan was the inclusion of the word “intelligence”. Could this future EV also be the debut of Nissan’s burgeoning autonomous technology or some other, more ‘intelligent’ means of propulsion? 

Here's a first-generation Nissan Leaf, for your reference. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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