Peugeot CKD Cars Built To Last in ASEAN Conditions


Peugeot CKD Cars Built To Last in ASEAN Conditions

Peugeot produced a video to showcase how their cars that are assembled here in Malaysia can withstand the ASEAN road and weather conditions.

In a bid to showcase the longevity and durability, the Peugeot SUVs Made in ASEAN video was released to showcase its manufacturing processes in its Gurun plant, particularly regarding the 2008, 3008, and 5008.

500,000km of combined distance testing

To ensure that these Peugeot SUVs are built to last in the very demanding ASEAN road conditions and unpredictable weather, Peugeot puts its entire CKD model line-up to some very harsh tests to ensure that the cars are indeed reliable for the ASEAN market.

From manufacturing, and quality control, to endurance testing of around 500,000km combined, the Peugeot and the Stellantis plant in Gurun really went to town to ensure that their SUVs can handle all sorts of driving conditions, no matter rain or shine, empty or fully loaded.

peugeot ckd gurun plant testing

Reliability ensured for all ASEAN countries

This is not only vital here in Malaysia, but also in other ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Brunei.

According to Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, "We are proud to manufacture Peugeot vehicles with high-quality standards in ASEAN for our customers across Southeast Asia. Excellence is a fundamental brand value for Peugeot. The internationalization strategy is my priority for the brand and customers are at the centre of all our actions."


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