Proton: No Notifications Received From ASEAN NCAP Yet


Proton: No Notifications Received From ASEAN NCAP Yet

Following yesterday’s revelation that a Malaysian-made car is being investigated by the ASEAN NCAP for an alleged safety violation involving the removal of the car's top tether (for child seats), Proton has issued a statement saying that it is yet to receive any official notification on the matter, and as such it is unable to confirm or deny the allegations.

Proton’s statement reads:

Proton has been testing many of its cars worldwide such as Australia and previously in Europe. "The company has also sought the services of world-class agencies and test labs to ensure stringent tests and outcomes.

From the experience of dealing with leading and world-class agencies, the normal procedure of these agencies would be to thoroughly inform and notify the Company in the event of discrepancy, defects or faulty elements, before any public statements are issued regarding the tested cars.

In this instance, we will consult ASEAN NCAP on the matter as we have not been notified officially. Hence, we are unable to confirm or deny the matter.

We wish to assure the public that all Proton cars meet the regulatory safety standards in all markets that we are operating in, especially in Malaysia. We will continuously pursue to enhance our products and services as well as make improvements where necessary.

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