SmartTAG Replacements Well Underway, RFIDs To Reach By 2017


SmartTAG Replacements Well Underway, RFIDs To Reach By 2017

It’s generically called the Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID) system for now, and it is believed to be in the final stages of implementation.

When it is implemented in full, the RFID system will effectively replace the SmartTAG system at all toll gates. Rather than rely on a Touch ‘n Go card to deposit funds, the new RFID system is believed to be linked to a sole vehicle only, and is expected to transfer funds directly from a user’s bank account – that sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? We’ll have to wait on some more confirmed information first, though.

According to The Sun Daily, Works Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusof said, “Firstly, we will introduce it as a pilot phase at several highway toll plazas and border entry points which will record the foreign vehicle registrations from Singapore, Thailand and Brunei. We are going to implement it in stages in 2017."

The idea behind the system is to usher more motorist to utilise electronic payment methods for tolls, at the same time, effectively reducing traffic congestion in these areas.

And as The Sun Daily reports, it won’t be all that expensive either. Where SmartTAG transmitters (the ones you keep in your car) cost RM120 to buy and will have its display screen malfunction for no apparent reason after a month or so, the new RFID system is expected to cost as low as RM0.60 sen.

"RFID is just a sticker that is identified at toll booths and can be embedded into a road tax sticker. LLM (Malaysian Highway Authority) is also finalising the details with Touch n' Go as there will be no more Smart Tags for express payment. The system to be used by all highway concessionaires," said Fadillah.