Sneak Peek: 2024 Toyota C-HR teaser unleashed ahead of electrifying June 26 debut


Sneak Peek: 2024 Toyota C-HR teaser unleashed ahead of electrifying June 26 debut

It's well known now that Toyota has plans for a second-generation C-HR, based on the Prologue concept. Since then, we've witnessed the crossover testing its might at the Nurburgring under camouflage, but now, we are given an exciting glimpse of the production version - well the back end anyways!

The intriguing teaser reveals a rear light signature with three parallel lines on each side, flanking the illuminated make and model lettering. Some are suggesting that the C-HR will not carry Toyota's traditional oval logo, but it's hard to say from the teaser.

2023 Toyota C-HR

The Prologue concept strongly indicates that Toyota's B-segment crossover has undergone a complete redesign by their Euro team in southern France.

While details are limited, it has been revealed that the new C-HR boasts slightly shorter overhangs while offering a more spacious interior, suggesting an extended wheelbase. Flush door handles contribute to enhanced aerodynamics. 

Toyota C-HR debut 2023

In addition to its fresh appearance, the next C-HR brings a significant change as Toyota confirms the availability of a plug-in hybrid version. The PHEV will utilise batteries assembled in Europe and will be offered alongside the regular self-charging hybrid variant.

The new C-HR will join Toyota's lineup of compact crossovers, including the Yaris Cross. In Malaysia, the C-HR was available with a 1.8-litre naturally aspirated engine (imported from Thailand), while our neighbours in Thailand and Indonesia also get the 1.8-litre hybrid. There's also a 1.2-litre turbocharged variant that many grey importers are selling.

Toyota C-HR Malaysia

Boasting edgy design and advanced technologies, the second-generation C-HR is set to make its premiere on June 26 and is expected to hit European markets before the end of the year. However, Toyota has decided not to introduce this model in North America.

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