SPAD Wants To Hear Your Say About Ride Sharing Apps Like Uber And GrabCar


SPAD Wants To Hear Your Say About Ride Sharing Apps Like Uber And GrabCar

Alright, so it’s a survey, so you can select from a few answers someone already crafted earlier. So while the spectrum of opinion can only vary so much, at least it will be easier for the average person and their average and gradually decreasing attention span to participate. 

Participate they should, as the questionnaire of 10 queriers will be used to affect change in the way SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission) approaches the rising popularity of ride sharing applications such as GrabCar and Uber. The growth of which, at least in Malaysia, has led to the substantial decline in appeal for the local taxi industry. 

Or rather, the decline in appeal had lead (or contributed largely) to the rapid growth and popularity of these aforementioned ride sharing apps. 

Either way, this government survey will help them decide which way to turn, and you can make your voice heard on the matter - albeit in a small but sure way. 

According to The Star, a SPAD spokesperson said the survey was created to gauge public sentiments over the taxi issue: "We want feedback, as we gear to introduce the way forward,” she said.

The survey itself can be accessed via this link: But don't put it off too long, as it will only be running from now until December 3rd. 

Don’t worry, SPAD has constructed the survey using Google Docs, because we all know how wonderfully designed our government’s online efforts tend to be. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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