Seriously, 0-60Mph in 1.1 Seconds? What Would That Look Like?


Seriously, 0-60Mph in 1.1 Seconds? What Would That Look Like?

Watch the Tesla Roadster do 0-60mph in 1.1 seconds!

Just when you thought that cars couldn't get any faster, here comes Tesla once again proving that the fastest has yet to come. 

Elon Musk is no stranger to out of this world ideas, and we're thankful that we have a wildcard like him in the automotive industry. He doesn't really follow automotive trends, but instead, he tries to bring to life some of the most outrageous automotive concepts out there.

It's well known that Tesla is working on their second-generation Tesla Roadster and although Elon and Tesla are pretty tight-lipped about it, they have dropped some hints at what it might be like.

Elon Musk Tweet

Some of the details that have been made known are that Tesla wants the Roadster to have a whopping top speed of 402kmh as well as a range of 998km brought to you by their revolutionary 250kWh battery pack. But in June last year Musk tweeted that the Roadster would have a "SpaceX option package" which will give the Roadster about "10 small rocket thrusters".

Tesla Roadster

Hold up, this sounds ludicrous, but then again, these are the people that introduced the ludicrous mode in their cars and proved that they could produce something when they put their minds to it. 

But then again, the Ludicrous mode only made their cars go from 0-96kmh (0-60mph) in 3 seconds, something that is not hard to imagine. The Space X package on the other hand will potentially make the Roadster go from 0-96kmh in 1.1 seconds, and that is pretty damn hard to picture.

Luckily, Slav Popovski, a CGI artist and aircraft avionics engineer based in Sydney, Australia has done the good deed of picturing it and now we may see it in video.

He said, "This is how fast 1.1 seconds 0 - 60mph take-off should look like with Space X package thrusters on the Tesla Roadster. Computer worked out physics and then visualized in a render animation."

Seeing the Tesla Roadster let alone any vehicle do such fast speeds in such a short time will take some getting used to, but realistically, will there ever be any use for it on the road? Especially when you consider it will cost you an additional RM855,800 to slap it on to the RM1,069,750 Roadster.

But for those of you who are really interested in burning cash, the thrusters would be subtly hidden underneath the car, enabling it to hover and allowing it to combine the instant torque of the Roadsters electric powertrain with pressurized gas. Go fast or go home?!


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