The Porsche 911 goes electrified for 2025 - new 911 GTS with T-Hybrid gets 532hp/610Nm


The Porsche 911 goes electrified for 2025 - new 911 GTS with T-Hybrid gets 532hp/610Nm

The revamped 992-generation (992.2) 911 is exceptional even by the high standards set by Porsche for their other mid-cycle updates as, for the first time in its 60-year history, the Porsche 911 has adopted electrification, significantly boosting the power of its flat-six engine but avoiding becoming a full EV as so many enthusiasts dread even as a possibility.

Initially, Porsche’s new T-Hybrid system will be exclusive to the 992.2-generation 911 Carrera GTS variants, though expect the tech to proliferate across the range pretty quickly. Meanwhile, the entry-level 911 Carrera receives a modest power boost and equipment upgrades as part of a major mid-life update.

The powerplant hanging out the rear of the new 911 GTS combines the iconic rear-mounted six-cylinder engine with an electric motor and electric turbocharger, resulting in 532hp and 610Nm of torque with a release scheduled by the end of this year.

At 3.6-litres, the new Carrera GTS now uses a larger and more familiar displacement for its flat-six engine, replacing the previous 3.0-litre unit, which will still be available in other 911 models.

This new engine alone produces 478hp and 570Nm of torque, a slight increase over the old GTS engine. The hybrid system allows Porsche to replace the twin turbo setup with a single electric-assisted turbocharger, featuring an 15hp motor on the shaft between the turbine and compressor. This e-turbo setup virtually eliminates lag and can even recharge the 400-volt battery which we’ll get into shortly.

Additionally, there is a 33hp traction motor located between the flat-six and the 8-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. Both the traction motor and the electric turbocharger draw power from a compact 1.9-kWh battery located under the front bonnet, with the 12-volt battery moved to a compartment behind the rear parcel shelf for better weight distribution.

Overall, the new Carrera GTS weighs about 47kg more than the previous model, partly due to added standard features like rear-wheel steering. However, the increased power compensates for the added weight. It’s the first 911 Carrera model to achieve a sub-3-second 0-100km/h time, clocking in at 2.9 seconds, a feat only the 911 Turbo S could manage a couple of generations ago.

The new Carrera GTS also features new active aerodynamic flaps at the front for improved cooling without increasing drag. The front and rear fascias have also been updated, there are new wheel options, and the rear tyres are now wider at 315/30ZR21 to accommodate the increased load from that T-Hybrid powertrain, with the front tyres remaining at 245/35ZR20.

Inside, the most significant change is the all-digital gauge cluster, replacing the analog tachometer, though the tach remains prominently centred within the cluster as 911 tradition demands, albeit now in digital form. Controversially, Porsche has also switched to a push-button start for its keyless system, omitting the twist-style toggle for no apparent good reason.

Perhaps negative feedback will convince Zuffenhausen to backtrack on this decision just like they did with the first-generation of PDK shifter non-paddles. 

The base Carrera model also receives updates for 2025, incorporating turbos and intercoolers from the previous GTS and Turbo models. Otherwise, its 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged flat-6 is a carry-over. It gains 9hp, but torque stays the same at 450Nm. The facelift Carrera carries similar exterior updates as the GTS, but with different fascias and no active cooling flaps.

As usual, the base Carrera will be available as a rear-wheel-drive coupe or Cabriolet, while the GTS will come in rear- or all-wheel-drive coupe or Cabriolet varieties, and well as as an all-wheel-drive Targa. The Turbo, Turbo S, and GT3 models will also continue for 2025, and as far as we know, unchanged.

Prices have increased, with the base Carrera and Carrera GTS rising from by around $6,000 US Dollars without options - we’ll find out in due time how much that translates into Ringgit when these models arrive in Malaysia.

However, despite the higher cost, Porsche emphasises the added performance and standard features, particularly on the GTS. Facelifted 992 Carreras should arrive in showrooms this fall starting with Europe and North America, with the Carrera GTS slated to debut closer to year’s end, and the 992.2 range will soon expand with many more models, both hybrid and non-hybrid.

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