There’s So Much More To Neta, And Here’s What You Can Look Forward To


There’s So Much More To Neta, And Here’s What You Can Look Forward To

In Malaysia, the Neta brand is very much known for the V, or Neta V, their first model to make its local premiere within our shores that, at the time in 2023, was unveiled as the most affordable fully electric vehicle on sale here, grabbing headlines instantly.

The rapid pace at which the automotive landscape is changing can be a little overwhelming, especially when you attempt to organise the seemingly endless sequence of new car introductions and technological developments.

However, within all that shuffle, Neta’s brand vision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s a carmaker focusing on EVs that are uniquely suited to their buyer, each forming a piece of a larger whole that comes together to make the entirety of Neta’s line up such a compelling proposition.

Neta GT - A Grand Tourer for the EV age

At the higher end of the spectrum we find cars such as the Neta GT, both stoking the fires of desire with their sleek design, the latest and greatest technology, and impressive performance. Positioned as a ‘grand tourer’, it is blazing its own trail as one of the very few fully electric two-door, four-seat coupes out there. 

It’s trading blows with such cars as the BMW 4 Series and Toyota GR86, but armed with all-wheel drive from dual motors that produce a combined output of over 450hp, it delivers raw acceleration to leave others in the dust (0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds).

That said, Neta developed the GT to have world-class driving dynamics from the start with a perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution, double wishbones up front and a five-link suspension configuration at the rear. All to make full use of that potent electric powertrain. 

Neta S - Luxury and performance 

Visually, few cars can match this enticing low slung four-door luxury coupe for pure ‘wow factor’, but when you consider the Neta S’ breadth of ability and usability as a high-performance, but still a plush and comfortable everyday car, its appeal becomes very evident. 

In its top-grade form, the car’s front doors open diagonally with a semi-scissor motion. And with a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery of up to 91kWh in capacity as well as a dual-motor powertrain very similar to that found in the Neta GT, the Neta S delivers 456hp and a pure electric range of up to 650km. Oh, and that same 50:50 weight distribution and a 0-100km/h sprint time of 3.9 seconds can hurt. 

Neta X - The all-rounder SUV

Neta X brings to the table that same bold design of its more ground-hugging stablemates, but uses it to handsomely package a very practical and usable two-row SUV, characterised by its T-shaped daytime running lights connected by a light bar across the front of the vehicle, under which the main headlights are situated. 

Inside, a minimalist dashboard hosts a dual-display arrangement, complemented by a third screen at the front of the centre console dedicated to climate controls. Additionally, there's a smaller fourth screen on the dashboard serving as the interface for the infotainment system's AI digital assistant. Hozon Auto also emphasises the Neta X's Level 2+ semi-autonomous driving capabilities.

With regard to a Malaysian debut, while the Neta GT and Neta S are further into the horizon, the Neta X is something we should be eagerly looking forward to in the nearer term, as in some time this year. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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