Thousands Of Taxi Drivers Planning To Gather In Protest Of SPAD Chairman Come November 18


Thousands Of Taxi Drivers Planning To Gather In Protest Of SPAD Chairman Come November 18

If a statement by the Malaysian Taxi Drivers Transformation Association (Pers1m) is to be believed, taxi drivers will gather in the thousands to hold a demonstration against SPAD come November 18th

The words came from the association’s deputy chairman, Kamarudin Mohd Husain. The drivers are reported to plan gatherings at three locations within Kuala Lumpur before marching down the city streets to a single “secret location”, writes The Star.

These three locations were said to be Padang Merbok, the Kuala Lumpur Mosque, and the Craft Complex close to Jalan Conlay.

"We don't want to go against the Government. What we will do on Nov 18 is get the Government's attention," said Kamarudin in Sentul while addressing a crowd of over 100 taxi drivers that were organized through the Klang Valley Taxi Drivers Action Committee.

He added that he expects a turnout of more than 6,000 taxi drivers would congregate for the mid-November protest, believing that their strength in numbers would force the hand of SPAD chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar and lead to his resignation.

"We don't want SPAD to be dissolved, but the trust given to Syed Hamid Albar has been wasted."

According to him, SPAD had neglected the taxi drivers’ best interests and had failed to manage the taxi industry – seemingly turning a blind eye to the spread of ridesharing apps such as Uber and GrabCar taking business away from taxis.

Kamarudin admitted that they have not obtained a permit from the police for the gathering, but did not think it would be a problem procuring one. 

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