Up to RM300,000 in prizes to be won, just spend as little as RM40 at BHPetrol this March and April


Up to RM300,000 in prizes to be won, just spend as little as RM40 at BHPetrol this March and April

From 1st of March to April 30th, BHPetrol are giving all eCard members a chance to win up to RM300,000 in prizes, and best of all it’s so easy to put yourself in the running!

Quite aptly, the contest itself is called “Ka-Ching!” and it follows a very straightforward Buy & Win procedure, meaning you essentially only need to refuel your vehicle as you normally at BHPetrol and, with a little bit of luck, could end up taking home some incredible winnings.

There are 3 main prizes: RM5,000 in cash, 1-year worth of petrol vouchers from BHPetrol, or a RM3,000 HABIB voucher, respectively. Other monthly and consolation prizes, such a gold bullion from HABIB and RM1,000 in fuel vouchers, will also be given to 50 more winners.

This is assuming you’re a user of the BHPetrol eCard app, of course. So, if you haven’t yet downloaded it via the iOS App Store or Google Play, what are you waiting for?

Once you have the app installed and set your eCard account up, taking part is as easy as spending a minimum of RM40 on a single receipt at any BHPetrol fuel station. That could comprise of petrol or diesel as well as items from the BHPetromart (but not including tobacco products, TnG reloads, utilities payment, or money spent at the car wash).

If you’ve previously registered for the eCard app or have an existing BHPetrol physical card, you’re already a step ahead, and if you’ve already spent more than RM40 with BHPetrol from March 1st, you’re probably already in the running. Click here to find out more.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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