VIDEO: Bond Filming Shows Jaguar C-X75 Spotted Chasing DB10s


VIDEO: Bond Filming Shows Jaguar C-X75 Spotted Chasing DB10s

You’ve got to hand it to James Bond, that movie franchise doesn't let up with having the best of British cars in the business. There’ve been no shortages of leaked footage from the set of 007’s latest outing, Spectre, and bless the script that mandated many scenes shot within a busy city filled with people with cameras.

And so it would seem, another day another scene gets spied for us to get even more geared up for the movie’s release. This time, the Aston Martin DB10 that was spotted in Rome finds itself in narrow streets lined with parked cars, but threading carefully isn’t an option when you’ve got a Jaguar C-X75 breathing down your neck, most likely driven by the baddies on film. Stuntmen try several takes at power sliding the Bond’s DB10 (the Aston’s V8 sounds glorious) while the Jag gives chase, calmly staying within the limits of grip.

Nearer to the 0:40 second mark, the cars almost come together. What a tragedy that would be to witness one of the very few examples of the C-X75 – Jaguar’s hybrid-powered answer to the Porsche 918 Spyder, La Ferrari and McLaren P1 that got axed before entering production – with a crumpled front end.

The DB10 is nice and all, but we wished it looked as cool as the Jag. 

Video via Marchetinno

Here's a video of the C-X75 project from Jaguar, way back when:


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