Volkswagen Dealers Participate In Retail Qualification World Championship


Volkswagen Dealers Participate In Retail Qualification World Championship

There seems to be a growing trend among car brands these days - they host or partake in training competitions that pit the staff at different dealerships against each other in order to determine who the better staff is when it comes to meeting brand standards and understanding the brand inside and out. Volkswagen is the latest to do so, with the hosting of the Retail Qualification World Championship at the Volkswagen Training Academy in Glenmarie.

The competition kicked off last year with 311 participants from Volkswagen dealers across the country taking part. The competition sees participants going through online tests, theoretical and practical assessments, and exams as well. The top 27 performers from the online test were chosen to go on through to the national finals, of which 10 were service advisors, 10 were parts advisors, and 7 were master technicians.

The finals were broken down into several modules for the respective categories over three days. Services advisors were tested on soft skills, dialogue reception and after-sales systems, whereas parts advisors were tested on role-play scenarios, after-sales systems and underwent a written exam. The Master technicians were tested on dialogue reception, diagnostic competency, technical professional competency and systematic methodology.

The champions of the RQWC National Finals are Mr Lu Weng Jen from MHV Autohaus (Volkswagen Gombak) in the Service Advisor Category; Mr John Leow Zhi Kuan MHV Autohaus (Volkswagen Gombak) in the Parts Services Category; and Mr Yeoh Chun Ping from Goh Brother Motors (Volkswagen Juru) in the Master Technician category.

Erik Winter, Managing Director of VPCM said that participations in global assessments are a way to continuously ensure excellence in local standards. "It goes without saying that our customers are our top priority – and this is but one of the major initiatives we are taking to uphold our Volkswagen Cares philosophy to provide value-added, quality products and more importantly, exceptional service to our customers across our network.“




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