Volkswagen Teases Its Electrified Future Behind A Veiled Van, To Be Unveiled At CES 2016


Volkswagen Teases Its Electrified Future Behind A Veiled Van, To Be Unveiled At CES 2016

Volkswagen has something brewing for the upcoming next Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is being held, as always, in Las Vegas, and from January 6th to 9th for the 2016 exhibition. Whatever it turns out to be, they say it will focus on “networking and long-distance electromobility.”

A good thing, then - anything to divert attention away from their growing diesel emissions scandal. And a renewed push into alternative energy drivetrains and related technologies is perhaps their best bet to gain the right foothold to recover from their downward trend in public perception, sales, and bank balance. Could it lead the way in moving the industry away from fossil fuels? 

That might sound a little far fetched now, but Volkswagen say it intends to illustrate several major changes that it predicts the car, as a collective, will go through over the next few years. This is referring to more and more cars using electric power to supplement their petrol or diesel engines or eschewing internal combustion altogether, and the strides in getting electric vehicles to travel for long distances between charges as well as reducing the time required and cumbersome procedures to refill the batteries. 

Based on the veiled vehicle hidden in the teaser image, it does resemble a van of some sort, and it could be that Volkswagen will choose a futuristic Kombi to be the vessel for its newest innovations in this field. They will also be showing off their vision for the interconnected network of cars, it seems, and will also preview its next-generation infotainment systems at CES before they hit the market. 

The Golf R Touch concept’s in-car interface technologies will, it seems, be trickling down into other Volkswagen models. Although we’ll have to wait until January to find out the extent of this. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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