Volkswagen Tiguan And Passat Get Additional 2 Years Free Maintenance


Volkswagen Tiguan And Passat Get Additional 2 Years Free Maintenance

We're all used to the concept of warranties for our cars being packaged with the purchase price, but something that has become increasingly common upmarket is the idea of a free maintenance package. While it hasn't quite spread across every market segment yet, the idea of a fuss free ownership experience when it comes to regular maintenance is very appealing as it reduces the number of incidentals you might occur - within reason, of course.

To that end, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia has announced that the Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Passat will both be receiving an additional two years of free maintenance, in addition to the current three year program that's available. The promotion will be available through the second half of 2019 - from the 1st of July to the 31st of December - and will cover all variants of the Tiguan and Passat, including the Sound&Style and JOIN editions.

In total, owners who purchase either of these models will now enjoy five years of free maintenance (or 75,000 kilometres, whichever arrives first), in addition to a five year unlimited mileage warranty, and five years of roadside assistance. Interest rates are also low at just 1.88% per annum, making it an ideal time to buy a Volkswagen. This lower interest rate, in combination with the additional two years of free maintenance, translates to a savings of up to RM 13,800 with the Tiguan, and up to RM 15,100 for the Passat.

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